My Services

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Many people come to individual therapy feeling stuck and in unproductive patterns that are painful and difficult to change. Psychotherapy and counselling is a collaborative process that I tailor to meet your unique individual needs. Therapy creates an opportunity to transform hardships and obstacles into strength leading to positive action.

In a warm sympathetic environment, I will work with you to understand how your life story and history has shaped your current relationships with yourself and others. With this guidance, you can gain an understanding of your negative thoughts and behavioural patterns in order to create change, remove emotional blocks and develop new strategies to get your needs met. I can help you identify and recognize your underlying problems, fully realize your strengths, and guide you through the process of developing healthier ways of thinking and behaving.

My therapeutic services include but are not limited to working with the following issues:

Anger Management
Anxiety (social, panic attacks, phobias, ruminating thoughts, etc.)
Shame and guilt
Repetitive self-defeating patterns
Challenges related to Parenthood (including new mothers)
Feeling stuck and helpless to change
Relationships and family distress
Childhood trauma
Releasing emotional blocks
Building self esteem
Examining underlining causes for current thoughts and behaviours
Career uncertainty