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Is your relationship filled with struggle and conflict? Do you feel misunderstood, disconnected or taken for granted?

Marriage and relationship counselling provides the opportunity for couples and family’s facing a variety of issues to deepen their commitment, enhance communication, and strengthen their bond. One of the biggest challenges most couples and families encounter during the course of their relationship, is learning how to effectively express feelings and emotions in a manner that is healthy and respectful. This includes working at improving the level of closeness to one another, being educated on how to develop a healthy relationship and uncover unhealthy relationship dynamics.

Through couples counselling, I can help to identify relationship patterns that do not serve you while equipping you with effective tools to break these cycles. As we examine what worked well in the past, positive traits of your relationship will be revealed. At couples and family counselling, you may have deep revelations and create a more in depth understanding of your relationship and may be inspired to think and behave differently resulting in lasting positive change.